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We work for a number of corporations, research institutes and SME's. Due to confidentiality agreements we cannot publicly disclose the name of many clients or details of our assignments.  If you wish references, we will provide you with contact information.

 Some examples are:





We are co-located with the lawfirm Codex in Oslo. Together we offer complete services, as an IP department with legal and technological expertise.

With Codex we offer services like Escrow, Due Diligence and Licensing. In particular we work on management of trade secrets and non-disclosure agreements (NDA). Codex is a full service legal firm. 

Leogriff commissions IP prosecution work to IP agencies, and our preferred IP law firm is Valea

Valea is one of Europe´s leading IP firms. Their staff of approximately 100 employees comprises authorised European patent attorneys, trademark attorneys, design attorneys and lawyers specialized within a wide range of technical fields. Valea was in 2012 again ranked by Managing Intellectual Property (MIP) as tier 1 IP firm. Leogriff is proud to be Valea’s selected partner in Norway, allowing us to offer first class IP prosecution services to our clients. 

In the US we work closely with Peri & Stewart, LLC to assist our clients in the legal aspect of their US market entry efforts. Peri & Stewart, LLC offers transactional and litigation services for corporations and other entities, with special attention to foreign-owned businesses seeking to establish, maintain or expand their presence in the United States. Clients include start-up companies, small to medium sized businesses, technology firms, and individuals. 

We use other agents and law firms in case of conflict of interest or need for special competence - or of course if our clients wants to use a particular agent. We work closely with patent agents Dehns in London, Kransell & Wennborg in Stockholm and Zanoli & Giavarini in Milan. We also have a close cooperation with the lawfirm Tenden in Sandefjord.


In Stavanger we work with INNOVATION DOCK where we find an innovative workspace with entrepreneurial people.

We are experts on the implementation and use of IP management systems, and we offer support in implementing any   software for IP management. We have used many systems  - our last projects have been with:

  • IPfolio is used by us for smaller clients and also by several of our clients with large portfolios. It is cloud-based, built on Salesforce's platform.
  • We have experience from implementing several other systems, such as TechTracS from Knowledgesharing Systems and Ipendo.

Leogriff works with these associations through membership or affiliation:

  • Norsk Forening for Olje og Gassmåling
  • NIP, Norsk forening for Industriens Patentingeniører
  • LES, Licensing Executives Society
  • Tekna
  • EPI, European Patent Institute
  • SFIR, Svenska Föreningen för Industriellt Rättsskydd
  • Abelia
  • Norsk Geologisk Forening
  • NIR, Norsk Forening for Industriell Rettsbeskyttelse
  • Norsk Biotekforum


Leogriff regularly donates to:


Shareholders, History and Name

Shareholders, History and Name


Haakon Thue Lie, Axel Moulin and Espen Christensen own around 70%  of the shares through their holding companies. Other shares are held by Katarina Lundblad Pinnekamp and Jeanette Gjestvang.  Our founding partner Kjeller Innovasjon AS (previously Campus Kjeller AS ) owns around 6 % . 


Leogriff was founded in 2002 by Axel Moulin, Haakon Thue Lie and Campus Kjeller (now Kjeller Innovasjon).

Our name "Leogriff"

The Leogriff is a mythological creature, half-lion and half-eagle.

The mountains of the high north where the ancient leogriffs found and protected gold.

The mountains of the high north where the ancient leogriffs found and protected gold.

Leogriffs are finding and guarding treasures. The leogriff combines the strength and solid base of the lion with the vision and speed of the eagle. To us, the leogriff symbolises business based on the strength and solid base of well-managed Intellectual Property, with the clear sight and speed of the strategy it supports.

The initial Leogriff logo with the prosperous green colour was in use till 2014.

The initial Leogriff logo with the prosperous green colour was in use till 2014.

The Greek myths said, Herodotus and Pliny's Natural History confirmed that the leogriffs lived in the mountains of the high north, among the Hyperboreans. Leogriffs find gold with the eagle's vision, and protect it with the lion's strength.

The historical sources are unclear about the colour of the leogriffs; the choice of a prosperous green is ours.

Our current logo and typeface

Our new logo using the open font "Liberation Sans"

Our new logo using the open font "Liberation Sans"

Our current logo has kept the green colour, but now as an emerald bar, the emerald being the preferred gemstone of the leogriffs, as the holy grail was carved from one.

Also important is that our name is now written in the typeface Liberation Sans. This typeface is the Open Source licensed replacement for the proprietary Arial typeface, used by e.g. Microsoft.

Liberation Sans is distributed under the SIL Open Font License. This shows our interest in licensing-in and new business models where intellectual property and copyright are used for sharing and fostering innovation.





You may read the complete terms by clicking here.  Please note that only the complete text is binding.

MERK: Det er bare den fullstendige teksten på engelsk som gjelder. Du kan lese den ved å klikke her.


Our business is Intellectual Property Management and Development consulting. We may also provide additional services such as searches, surveillance, and filings. Leogriff is an independent, Norwegian limited liability company.

These terms apply, unless otherwise agreed in writing, to all assignments including simple services agreed orally or by e-mail.

We are not lawyers, and unless specified in written terms, our advice shall not be considered a legal opinion.

Charges for our services are based on time spent and expenses. We have no commissions when using third party services, but add a reasonable premium to third party associate fees to cover our administrative costs. All prices are exclusive VAT; all invoices are in Norwegian currency (NOK).

We have a professional indemnity insurance of at least five million Norwegian Kroner for those parts of the assignments in which Leogriff is directly involved.  Possible damages caused by our subcontractors, may only be covered by the subcontractor’s insurance. For damages not covered, our maximum liability shall be limited to the remuneration received.

The customer’s use of our advice, services or opinion for its decisions are customer’s sole liability. 

The customer shall be the sole owner of all intellectual property rights to results developed by us within the scope of the assignment.



Vår virksomhet er rådgivning om ledelse og utvikling av immaterielle rettigheter. Vi tilbyr også tjenester som søk, overvåking og innlevering av søknader. Leogriff er et uavhengig, norsk aksjeselskap.

Disse vilkårene gjelder, om ikke annet er skriftlig avtalt, også enkle oppdrag vi avtaler muntlig eller på e-post.

Vi er ikke jurister og såfremt ikke annet er skriftlig spesifisert, så gir vi ikke juridiske råd.

Vi tar betalt for vår tid og utgifter vi har. Vi har ingen fortjeneste på underleveranser, men tar betalt for tiden vi bruker på å administrere dem ved et påslag. Alle priser er eksklusiv merverdiavgift, og fakturaer er i norske kroner (NOK).

Alle leveranser fra oss er på engelsk om ikke annet er avtalt skriftlig.

Vi har en ansvarsforsikring på minst fem millioner kroner; hvis den ikke dekker, er vårt ansvar begrenset til verdien av oppdraget. Skadetilfeller hos våre underleverandører er dekket av deres forsikring.

Kunden er ansvarlig for alle beslutninger basert på våre råd, tjenester og uttalelser.

Kunden eier, innenfor rammen av oppdraget, alle immaterielle rettigheter til resultater fra vårt arbeid