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Oslo Blockchain Day - 2017: Andreas W and Haakon in three sessions


Oslo Blockchain Day is a great event organised by Jon Ramvi and Blockchangers, and with good sponsors such as Kantega. We have followed the development of blockchain, distributed ledger technology and intellectual property based on  open source. One of our examples is the patents of the South-African upstart Custos.  Another case is the exponential growth of applications, and also how Chines actors such as Bubi files patent applications.



Haakon Thue Lie (NO) and Andreas Werner (NO), Partners, Leogriff: Contributed in two talks:

  • «Freedom to operate (FTO) for Blockchain-based technology – How can I avoid infringing other’s copyrights, trademarks and patents?”
  •  “A small blockchain upstart’s patent applications, and how they affect large players like NASDAQ” + “Don’t Panic. Practical advice for coping with the exponential growth in blockchain patent”.

and then Haakon participated in the Panel Discussion:

  •  - Blockchain, Open Innovation, Open Source, Patent Pools – how can we avoid the tragedy of the anti-commons 

Haakon speaks at Oslo Blockchain Day, 19 April 2016

Haakon speaks at Oslo Blockchain Day, 19 April 2016

"There will be patents - Intellectual property and the blockchain" is the title of the presentation by Haakon Thue Lie at the Oslo Blockchain Day, reviewing the copyright, trademark and patent situation for blockchain technology.

Blockchain is a new type of databases that is distributed and is used by Bitcoin. The next generation of blockchain technology can be used for other types of transactions.

The financial sector is moving fast to implement new services, and the race for patents has started by Bank of America announcing more than 20 patent applications in the area. 

Interesting open source based projects include:

  •  Ethereum that provides a decentralized virtual machine that can execute peer-to-peer contracts using a crypto asset called Ether
  • Hyperledger that develops an open-standard, decentralised ledger based on blockchain technology coordinated by the Linux Foundation and supported by many large industrial companies, such as IBM.