Services overview


Services overview

Strategy and IP plan

Our starting point is your business plans, branding and strategy - and how intellectual property can enhance it. We work with you to decide what means are best, be it patents, trade secrets, trade marks or copyright  - or other types of  IP , and then we take care of it all.

We serve companies, investors, research institutes and universities. All our clients are unique - with their own processes and culture. We adapt best practice to your way of doing research, development and business. 

We assist with all kinds of IP-related services in all phases of innovation and business development, for example:

  • Handling invention disclosures and patentability issues
  • Naming of products and companies
  • Registration of trademarks, designs and patents
  • Setting up systems for trade secrets and copyright, including open source.
  • Searching, competitor surveillance and freedom to operate questions
  •  Valuation of IP



We identify and valuate the IP. It means a better exit, and is important when you merge or when new investors are invited.

RELIEF FOR Management:

We coordinate IP work with your management team, your innovation processes and your project portfolio. We follow up the strategy and budget, answer the flood of letters from IP law firms, help you decide, save costs and gradually introduce IP to processes, like HR and R&D. We support you in case of litigation.


Business development, collaborative research or product development - we assist the project manager with establishing the IP strategy; and then we take care of all that is needed of practical matters, like invention disclosures, patent filings and  freedom to operate analysis. Most important, we deliver instant benefits using IP focus as a way of understanding market requirements.

Our three modes of working with you:

IP DEPARTMENT – we are your IP department, we do not work for others in your industry. We work on a long-term basis. All your IP rights are managed in a common system, either our platform IPfolio, or your internal system. Our services are customized.

PROJECT – we are committed to an agreed project, but we are not your IP department. We may work for others in your industry, but we ensure there is no conflict of interest for the IP managers on your project.

ASSIGNMENT – we are engaged for a single assignment, for example as a second opinion, an expert witness, a lecture, a contract review, a valuation or a due diligence.